The Long Goodbye
Xingyao Zheng
  • xingyao zheng thesis duke
The Long Goodbye

Built over five hundred years ago, Shangqiu Ancient Town lies in the Central Plains of China. Generations of development in the past three years saw radical reconstruction. The national trend of rebuilding historic towns compelled the local government to envision a new tourist town in the original site, hoping to bring economic benefits to the old town dwellers.

Old buildings were demolished and the residents were displaced. A strange landscape emerged where new buildings were constructed in ancient styles while old ones stood on their own ruins. Some residents insist on staying even though most of the town has been razed to the ground. I started visiting this old town with my camera in 2014, witnessing this chronic demolition, searching for living traces in the relics, trying to reveal the vicissitude of people’s lives in this perpetually transitional phase.

Exhibition Details:
  • On View:
    March 21 - April 14
  • Reception:
    Wednesday, March 21, 5:30pm
  • Location:
    Power Plant Gallery
Screening Details: