Danny Kim

For the past three years, I have been documenting through photographs and videos of the 2014 ferry disaster in South Korea and its aftermath. This event, in which, more than 300 people lost their lives, started out as a personal tragedy for those affected and subsequently turned into a national movement in challenging the government. My work on this project began as a video journalist for Agence France-Presse (AFP), but eventually became a more personal exploration of the responsibilities of individuals and the general public to keep government from abusing power.

Infused throughout the film are poetic and observational documentary methods that show moments of resilience where families come together and form a new community. The Sewol ferry families have been in the forefront of the protests that lead to series of anti-government protest. This movement later was instrumental in uncovering corruption in the government, which ultimately brought the South Korean president's impeachment in 2017.

As a filmmaker and photographer, the story I am telling can resonate with audiences outside of South Korea. By documenting families' mourning processes along with young democracy in action, I've encountered hundreds of thousands of people on the streets in peaceful protests demanding answers to the ferry disaster.

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    Saturday, March 24
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    Saturday, March 24, 5:00pm
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    The Boiler Room
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Danny Kim

Danny Kim is a Seoul born documentary filmmaker and a multimedia artist. Prior to graduate school, Kim has been working as a full time video journalist based in Seoul, South Korea. Kim's research interests include hybrid of documentary arts practice with virtual environment and new media technologies.